Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cooking, Walking and Knitting

Once again it was another busy weekend... they all seem to be like that lately! Hubby found a wonderful recipe from this magazine. Have I mentioned that hubby is a bit of a wine aficionado... don't you love that word. I can hardly believe it. I just did a spell check on it and I got it right! Good grief, I am so surprised! Anyway where was I... Oh yes the recipe. It was on the front cover and it looked really yummy and best of all it called for lots of fresh tomatoes... and those we have by the ton! So here is the finished recipe. It tasted as great as it looked. The addition of all those fresh from the garden tomatoes made it light and wonderful. It was the perfect meal after returning from a lovely long walk. I hope that this photo of a young Peregrine Falcon having his dinner doesn't make you to squeamish. I had thought that maybe I shouldn't post it but it was on our walk and as you know I always take you along and show you all the wildlife that we spot. We watched it for the longest time. He was about 150 yards from us and didn't seem to mind that we were looking at him. Toward early evening on our walk we spotted this very large Beaver having his dinner... this time it was more of a salad. He was happily munching away clearing a path as he went. I always love walking in the early evening. We see so many different kinds of animals than we do during the day. Not to mention it makes me really sleepy and ready for a good nights sleep. Sometimes I can hardly keep my eyes open sitting on the couch after we return home. But I did keep them open long enough........ to get started on the sleeves of daughters sweater!
All in all I was quite pleased with our weekend. We saw a lot and did a lot. I like weekends like that, don't you?
See you soon!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This and that!

What a wonderful crop of tomatoes we have had this year. Not sure if it was the weather or the type of tomatoes, but we have a ton. The neighbors are happy of course, as they get plenty of them. I already have noticed a difference in the garden though. I don't think summer will be with us to much longer. Some of the leaves on the trees are already changing color and some of my flowers are starting to look a little tired. Looks like soon I will be doing some garden work getting it ready for the Autumn. I have had this lovely pattern book from Rowan for quite a while. There are lots of great patterns in it that I would love to make. Quite often I can only find one or two that I like and I really dislike having to by the whole book just for a couple of patterns. So this summer I have been working on a lovely sweater from this book for my daughter.
It really is a very easy pattern to knit. If I can just get to sit awhile and work some on it then I just may get it finished so she can at least wear it once before the cooler weather comes. I already have the front and the back finished and it has been blocked. Now I just have to finish off the sleeves. It is made in the loveliest shade of pale pink. Maybe I will just have to turn off the phone, not answer the door and just say no until I have it complete! A few nights ago we had the most wonderful full moon. Hubby was home so out came his new camera. Yes I did say new camera.... this is becoming a very expensive hobby! Well after numerous shots he was very happy with this one. He was in and house a lot and just happened to let in a pesky mosquito which proceeded to make a meal on one of my arms which itched immensely and produced a lump the size of a small mountain. Needless to say I wasn't a happy camper that night! It's OK though he made up for it by making me a lovely cup of tea... so all is forgiven.

Time to go and water those tired looking plants... see you soon!