Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just dropping by for a visit

Just thought I'd stop by to show you all what I have been up to. We had a wonderful July 4Th/Birthday barbecue last weekend. It was our daughters birthday so we combined the two and had a wonderful day. Family and good friends came by to help us celebrate and eat lots of yummy food. The weather was just about perfect, not to hot and not to windy, but just right. We had a wonderful birthday cake, it was lemon berry and tasted as good as it sounds and looks. We sat around for the longest time drinking wine and having lots of great conversation. We all agreed that we would have to do it again real soon.

It wasn't all partying and relaxing though. Our daughter spent the night and early next morning we started right in on making products for her store. We made bath bombs and bubble bars...... some Lily of the valley soap, and...... some Jasmine soap. Hubby kept us well fueled with a wonderful lunch, then it was right back to work again. At about 4 o'clock she made for home with all the days wares carefully loaded in the back of her car. It was a lovely, if a little hectic, weekend.

Hope you are all having a great summer, I know I am!