Friday, March 25, 2011

Wolf Haven

About two weeks ago my husband was lucky enough to go on a photography tour at a wonderful place called Wolf Haven. It is about 25 miles south of us in Tenino, Washington. I say lucky enough because there are only two photography tours a year. One in January and the other in March. The tours are limited to winter time because as we later found out that is when wolves are the most active. They set off after breakfast at around 9 am. On the tours there is a guide and a professional photographer. My goodness what a day he had. I hope you enjoy his beautiful photos as much as I did.This is Bart.This is Cadeus. Cadeus was raised by humans as a pet which of course is never a good idea. He was turned over to Wolf Haven when he just got to big and a bit unmanageable.This photo with one of the people on the tour will give you some idea of his size. He still enjoys humans and hubby was lucky enough to get slobbered on. He returned the greeting with a tummy rub.This is Spruce and Cricket, brother and sister.
This is Ladyhawk.

Want to howl with the wolves? Yep, they even have Howl-Ins. You can howl to your hearts content. Pretty good way I think to get rid of the stresses of the day.

Wolf Haven is a lifetime sanctuary for wolves. Since 1982 they have been helping these wonderful creatures. Most of them are rescued from private ownership. So if you are thinking about owning a wolf.... don't!

As hubby was about to leave all the wolves got up and started howling. The end to a simply perfect day. I hope you have enjoyed hearing all about the wolves at Wolf Haven.
All the photos can be made larger if you click on them.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Monday, March 21, 2011


At last I can now sit comfortably once again at the computer and do a blog post. I am so happy that my back is now back to normal. Thank you for all your good thoughts. They were much appreciated.

Not to much has been going on around here. I am getting a jump start on Easter by doing a little egg decorating. This idea was from Martha Stewart Living. I brought some natural colored eggs at Michael's added a few stickers and within minutes I had some sweet looking eggs. Wish all projects were this simple.

I spent the weekend with my daughter again making soapy things but on returning home, look what was waiting for me....... this lovely book that I had ordered. I had actually forgotten that it was coming. What lovely cute things there are to knit and crochet.I am super pleased that I ordered it.Along with this book I also ordered this one...... it is so nice to come home after a long working weekend and have little surprises waiting. After taking a warm bath I put on my jammies and fluffy slippers and curled up on the couch and devoured them both from cover to cover.I think I am a bookaholic as well as a chocoholic!Shame I didn't have some chocolate to munch on while I was looking at them.... I ate that before I left for the weekend. Must plan better next time!

See you soon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Down but not Defeated!

Sacroiliac Joint Inflammation has been my not so nice friend for the past two weeks. It makes it quite difficult to sit or lay comfortably. Hence no bloggy posts from me for a while. Bending to put on socks or shoes usually takes a good five minutes and a few choice words. Not to worry though with the help of my wonderful chiropractor I am finally on the mend.

How did that happen you might wonder. I would like to say that it happened while I was sky diving in Hawaii. Or when I was bungee jumping off the San Fransisco Bridge. I am afraid it was nothing quite that glamorous. I was bending down one morning to put on my underwear and I felt a funny little zing in my lower back. It really didn't hurt that much but by days end I was looking like a gorilla trying to walk upright.
With the help also of some not so lovely smelling creams I finally look like a human again.
I am not very good at sitting around doing nothing. I tend to drive me and hubby crazy. So I started a hexagon lap throw. At least thank goodness my brain and fingers still worked OK. It is quite amazing how doing something helps you to forget about the pain for a little while.Of course right in the middle of all this the rest of my fabric came to add to my colorful squares quilt. I was sorely tempted to go and sit at my machine a while but I didn't want to undo all the progress that I had made with my back. So patient I will be... ho hum.We still on occasion get some snow and pretty cold temperatures. All kinds of little birds are flocking into our garden. We have the feeding station set up next to our pine tee. They love using the tree for shelter from the cold and wind.The amount of bird food and suet we go through is quite astonishing. But it makes us feel really good that we can help them through the winter.Hector our little hummingbird still comes to the feeder and still puts up a fight if any other hummingbird tries to use it. I wonder how long he will be with us.

Well I have typed all this out while I have been standing up and my legs are getting just a bit tired.

Have a great day everyone.
I'll be back soon!