Sunday, December 14, 2008

Guess who came for tea?

Look who came to my house for tea on this snowy afternoon, he was most polite and didn't even drop any crumbs! Well I'm back to Christmas again, although I keep looking longingly at my new Spring fabric, but for now I am feeling all Christmassey again, thank you Santa!

I had a nice surprise waiting for me over at Terri's blog, it was a fun tag, so here goes.


I'm supposed to do the following:
1. Open the 4Th picture folder on your computer.
2. Choose the 4Th picture and post it on your blog.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same. Well here is my seems I'm back to Spring again, ( I'm just thankful it wasn't a pic of me!) I loved making this little ellie and I do believe she is living in California, I remember the knitting yarn was very soft which made her fun to cuddle.

Here are the people that I am tagging,
Jen at Frazzy Dazzles
Twiggy at The World of Twiggypeasticks
Tess at Driftwood
Rachael at Rachael Rabbit

Have fun you four, I can't wait to see your pic's!


Terri Fisher said...

Awww...I should have guessed it would be one of your special creations! Thanks for participating...what a fun tag!

hetty said...

Cute Santa! Great photo of your ellie! I love the little knitted sweater!

onya said...

How nice of Santa to stop by and give you some x-mas cheer!!! Cutie pic of Patty, she really is ultra huggable!!! love the pic!!!

Rachael Rabbit said...

I promise to post my photo soon ;-) I'm just off to check what horror it might be!!!

jojo-caramel said...

I'm not surpised ! Santa must have a room in your house :) I've been tagged too :) And That tag too :)

Sue said...

Did you make that lovely big Santa? I'm sure he feels right at home in your kitchen.