Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My wonderful goodies!

Just thought I would pop in and show you my wonderful goodies that I received today from the lovely Pat who has a blog called The Sewing Room. I was simply overwhelmed with her generosity. Pat and I were swap partners from a swap over at Lisa's blog a while ago. It is strange how we were both paired up as we have both had a bit of a tough summer this year. If you go on over to Pat's wonderful blog you will understand. So sit back and let me show you all the wonderful things in my swap package.
All the little packages were beautifully wrapped and came with a very lovely card.
The first thing that I unwrapped was this great apron. It was so expertly sewn and I am just thrilled that it is mine!
Next was this wonderful hat and a matching pair of fingerless mitts! Oh my goodness, how did she know that I needed both! These will be sure to keep me warm this fall and winter while hubby and I are out on our nature walks.
After opening another little package I was rewarded with a new pen. This one is going into my purse for jotting things down while I am at the fabric, craft shops etc;
Can you believe there is more! Candy for my sweet tooth. The little packet of Love Hearts made me smile as I haven't eaten them since I was a child.
Look at these beautiful beads. These will come in very handy for some upcoming graft projects.
Yes there is still more! A lavender filled heart... how generous is she!
A little note pad to go along with my new pen.
Whew! Finally a British knitting magazine! This I will savor from cover to cover this afternoon while having some tea.

Thank you Pat. I am just speechless with all these wonderful gifts.
Hope you have enjoyed my "show and tell" today. It actually felt good to blog again. I promise I will try to not stay away so long before my next post.
See you soon!


Linda Gilbert said...

What a lovely treat. Will look forward to seeing you again soon x

Linda Gilbert said...
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Sue said...

What a wonderful pile of gifts. That was a real treasure. We've missed you this summer and hope you're doing better and will soon be showing us more of your nature walks and craft projects.

The sewing room said...

Hi Kathy,so glad you liked your gifts.I hope all is well and life is treating you good,i have realy enjoyed this swap and so pleased we where partnered together and so glad we are friends, take care hugs Pat.

Terri Fisher said...

It's so good to "see" you again on your blog! What a sweet treat from your swap friend! I'm sure it really made your day. Blessings!

annemarie said...

I am so glad to see your post - I have really missed you. What a fun swap - I love the print on the apron. Love hearts are a new one for me - guess I missed out on them while growing up!

hetty said...

Glad to see you are back. Missed you. Lovely gifts!

Esther said...

What lovely things! I took part in the same swap and had a lovely package waiting for me when I got back from holiday. Have just been eating licorice twizzlers!!

Handmade in Israel said...

What wonderful goodies. Galaxy chocolate!!! I brought some of that back from the UK ;)
Enjoy everything and glad to see you posting again.

jojo-caramel said...

It's magical to receive so many pretty things! I hope you are having a great Summer as well my friend! Hugs

Ally Johnston said...

I haven't done a swap for ages, but aren't they the best. Your gifts are so lovely, I bet they were just a smuch fun to pick out as to receive.. Enjoy them lucky girl.

iSew said...

Wow! What lovely UK goodies, and the hat & gloves are gorgeous! It's nice to have bloggy friends, isn't it? :)

(Galaxy is my husband's favorite sweet treat from home)

periwinkle said...

wow, you sure got a lot of lovely goodies didn't you , I love the hat and mitts :-)