Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring is Here!

Now I know that Spring is officially here because these little guys have turned their most beautiful shade of yellow. In the fall and winter they are a very drab color, but look out when Spring arrives.

I spent most of the weekend in my garden. The weather was glorious and I had lots of planting to do. I planted all of my garden boxes with lovely brilliant red geraniums... 47 to be exact. Every year I buy the small plants, usually they are under a dollar each. With plenty of feeding and some tender loving care in a month to six weeks or so they look magnificent. Spring also brings these tiny tree frogs out of their winter hibernation. I just couldn't resist I just had to pick this one up.

We have quite a few birds nesting in our garden this year. If I get just a little to close to the nests the mommy birds sure give me a telling off. It is so lovely to hear the little babies tweeting when food is brought home. I had to laugh when I saw this pic my hubby took. This little guy sure looks like he means business and will fight with any one that ventures into his territory. We have nicknamed him "Guido". With the craft show coming up in just a couple of weeks I have to force myself to sew every day. With the weather being so lovely I really, really have to force myself!
This is just one of many little pouches that I will be taking with me.
I also did a little experimenting with stamping and coloring on linen. I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out. Now I have to decide what I want to do with them. I am sure something will pop into this crazy brain of mine!

Have a wonderful Monday!


Dyan said...

Oooo, I know you just want to be outside now that the weather is getting better. It is here too and little bird friends are starting to appear - I loved your hubby's shot and the little cupcake is so very sweet.

Sue said...

I bought purple geraniums this weekend to put in the planters on the porch.

I like Guido. He looks tough.

periwinkle said...

love that yellow bird , and the frog .. Guido definately looks like he's telling you off lol
lisa x

onya said...

Kathy...what great pics of spring you have!!! the weather here has been great too and its so nice to see my flowers blooming....hope yours do soon too!!! just keep away from Guido is all i can say, LOL!!!

louise said...

Look forward to seeing your colourful garden boxes. We had lovely weather at the weekend which was perfect for gardening too. That little frog is just so sweet! x

wonderwoman said...

i love the little cupcake purse - its soo cute.


jojo-caramel said...

You do have some incredible birds in your garden !!!! and that little frog is so cute !!! What a lovely cupcake pouche !!!
Stamping and coloring on linen yourself ? That sounds great !!! and it's so nice !!! I love that !!!
You already plant your geraniums, do you keep them inside ? We do have to wait a bit here :) Have a lovely day :) xo

annemarie said...

Happy Spring to you Kathy - I know this is a wonderful time of the year in the northwest. Do lilac trees grow in your area - they do not grow in the south and I really miss them. The cupcake purse is simply adorable.

hetty said...

You are a little ahead of us as far as weather goes. I bought a few pansies on the weekend. Nothing else can be planted yet. We could still get another month of night frost. I love your little birds! So cute. Watch out for Guido! Those birds have been known to peck your eyes out!