Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A lovely walk

This little guy was on our back deck a couple of days ago. It is a little newt and he was most co-operative and held very still while having his photo taken. It never fails to amaze me at all the new little creatures that seem to wander into our yard. The weather was beautiful here today so soap making and sewing were put on the back burner and we went out for a lovely walk. All the birds are so busy right now with nest building and raising young. I thought this robin looked very sweet sitting in the sun. The wonderful painted turtle that we saw a few weeks back was sitting on the same rock, this time you can see how colorful it really is. We came across this Hairy Woodpecker, we actually heard it before we saw it as it was hammering away at a tree. I so enjoy our walks we never know what little creatures we will come across.

I was given another award last week, Lisa who blogs at Periwinkle gave me a Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you Lisa.

Now, apparently I have to list 7 things that I love and also pass it on to 7 other people, hmmm lets see.. in no particular order..

1.My family, of course.
3.The color yellow.
4.Waking up in the morning to sun.
5.My garden.
6.My sewing room.
7.Chocolate, I always have to have that as a favorite.

Just in case you are all to busy to do this award I will leave it here.

Have a wonderful Thursday everybody!


jojo-caramel said...

Beautiful pics !!!! I have never seen a woodpecker (heard yes) but i know they don't look like that one here. Beautiful ! Congratulations on your Award so well deserved !!! I love your 7 things, i have the same :) Have a wonderful day :) Hugs

Terri Fisher said...

Wonderful pics once again! You guys must get a lot of exercise! :) Your seven favorite things so reflect you--congrats on your award! Have a great day!

Esther said...

I just love the nature pictures you post - and birds are my favourite. Leah loves to watch the birds in the garden although we don't have the beuatiful hummingbirds like you do!

hetty said...

Your nature photos are lovely. I feel as if I am out walking with you.

iSew said...

Wow, looks like a beautiful walk indeed.

Sue said...

I can't get the little lizards here to stay still long enough to get a picture. Morgan likes to chase them.

annemarie said...

Beautiful pictures - and congrats on your newest award. You deserve it - had to smile when I saw chocolate on the list! Did the Easter Bunny bring you a big chocolate bunny??

Bethany Hissong said...

I should make your blog my every day read because it always makes me happy! I love your spring photos!!! I have to get out and look for robins now!!!

Kellie H said...

your first photo is super!Sad I missed the giveaway

We are chocolate gals for sure!

Jenny said...

I can't tell you how much my kids loved your photos. Little herpetologists that they are!