Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moss and Sugar Scrubs

Firstly a big thank you for all your get well wishes. My back is feeling so much better. In fact I even took a stroll around the garden. The first in a long time.

I came across one of our raised flower beds that was completely covered in moss. A lot of people around here just hate moss and spend lots of time and money trying to get rid of it. Of course the moss always wins and comes back year after year. I happen to love moss. The different types and colors are just amazing.
It grows on everything. Come summer when the sun stays for longer than 10 minutes it dries up and crumbles away until our next rainy season.
Of course as you would expect not much is blooming, except the Heather. I think and hope that is the only white stuff that we will see on the ground this winter.
I even sat for a while on the front porch. I was well sheltered and the sun was out for a bit. It did seem a bit unreal though sitting on our front porch in February!
Back in the house again I went to work on a new product. Foaming Sugar Scrubs. This one is Pink Grapefruit.
This one is Italian Granita Ice. Loaded with Fair Trade Organic Sugar and infused with soothing Almond Oil. They are wonderful for gently exfoliating while taking a bath. Which is exactly what I did when I went back into the house. One of the benefits of making new products is being able to try them out! If I do say so myself I think we have winner here. The only problem was deciding which one to try first.

Have a great Thursday!


Linda Gilbert said...

They look really lovely. I am just thinking of having a lovely relaxing bath and only wish I had a bar of your lovely soap or soem scrub to enjoy
Kindest Regards Linda

Sue said...

It's much to cold to sit outside today, so I'll enjoy your porch instead.

So you're branching out with your bath products. Good for you. They sound wonderful.

Mandy said...

New to your blog but throughly enjoying it. Thank you.

jojo-caramel said...

I love moss, and i love the color of the moss! your garden looks so peaceful! i love it!
All the incredible procucts you create! You are incredible! Your Foaming Sugar Scrubs look marvellous! and it seems to have a wonderful smell! I wish you a delicious weekend!

annemarie said...

Your bath scrubs look marvelous - if you ever need a tester I am here!! Just kidding - they actually look too pretty to use. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

periwinkle said...

sorry to hear about your back - my sis had acupunture on hers and said it really helped... your scrubs look just lovely , oh and I love moss :-)

hetty said...

Sorry about your back. Hope you feel better real soon. I love your new products! The sugar scrubs sound delicious! I love moss. I love the softness and colours. In fact, I planted some a few years ago, but it is too hot and dry here, so it didn't take hold.

Handmade in Israel said...

Mmmm... pink grapefruit! Sounds lovely. Glad you are feeling better. Your garden looks gorgeous, even in the depths of winter!

louise said...

Your sugar scrubs look so lush. I can almost smell the fruity aromas just by looking at your photos. I rather like moss too. x