Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Bliss

I had originally intended to do this post on Monday. Monday however was filled with appointments and errands and not a spare minute to sit and do much of anything. I'm here now though so I thought I would show and tell you what a lovely weekend we had.

We did a lot of walking over the weekend, as once again we were blessed with magnificent weather. It starts off frosty in the mornings but warms up as the day goes on. We started our walk very early in the morning. Only a few serious photographers were about, so it was lovely and quiet. The perfect way to start the day. The first pic is of these wonderful barns which just happen to be along one of our favorite walks. I have always loved old barns, they have so much character. These looked especially lovely in the early morning. They were a part of an old farm that has been long gone for many years now.
Further along the trail we came across this bent over tree that formed a circle with its reflection in the water. My hubby titled it "It's all about the O". It was still and quiet except for the birds that were singing...just for us of course! Just as we were about to make for home hubby heard a rustle behind us. There hiding in the long grass was this wonderful bird. It is an American Bittern. It was so well camouflaged that it took me a while before I saw it too. When they feel threatened they sway just like long grass stems making it even harder to see. What a great way to end our walk.

Returning home we realized how hungry we were. So lunch was a grilled cheese, tomato and avocado sandwich. Sorry I was just to hungry to take a pic. You will have to believe me when I say it was delicious!

As if my weekend wasn't wonderful enough, I then settled down in my favorite chair to crochet with this... .... yippee! Yummy new yarn that arrived the day before! Sheer bliss I tell you! Peruvian wool yarn, so soft and cushy! It came from a company called Knitpicks. At $1.99 per 50 gram ball I thought it was a great bargain. It comes in such great colors. This is fingering weight, I think that would be 3 ply in England. I love working with thinner yarn so I was in heaven.

So there you have it, my perfect weekend!
See you soon.


Sue said...

What a bright rainbow of yarn. What are you making with it?

I love your nature walks, you always have such wonderful pictures.

jojo-caramel said...

Your walk soubds great! I love walking early in the morning, its the best time of the day. Your peruvian yarn is wonderful! Have a lovely week xo

jojo-caramel said...

euh :))) I mean... Your walk sounds... :)))

louise said...

I often fail miserably when taking photos of birds. They usually fly before I have a chance to press the shutter! You were clever to get the great shot of the American Bittern. Would you say those barns were Dutch style? Lovely rainbow colours in the wool. I so wish I could knit! x

annemarie said...

What a nice walk you had - great pictures. Your yarn is beautiful- do you have a special project in mind. Did you finish the granny square pillow??

hetty said...

Great photos! I love to take walks with you. There is always so much to see. That rainbow coloured yarn looks amazing! What are you going to knit?

iSew said...

Beautiful pictures as always, and it was a gorgeous weekend. Love it!!

I can't wait to see what becomes of that yarn.

Handmade in Israel said...

What a lovely weekend walk! I adore the bent over tree photograph. Your hubbie is very talented.