Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Soapy Weeekend!

Well once again last week just got away from me like I am sure it did for some of you. I really do think the weeks are getting shorter!

I had intended to blog more and do so many things. But then they arrived. My new soap molds finally came in the mail after waiting so long for them. They sure were worth the wait as I think they are amazing. I just love this little pink heart soap. What a great gift to give to a knitter. When it first popped out of the mold I let out a little girly squeal, embarrassing I know!
Then another little squeal as this little beauty emerged. Then I was well and truly hooked and everything was immediately put on the back burner, including dinner. Who needs to eat, right?
It's hard to pick which one is my favorite. I just love them all.
My husband was partial to this one. He likes the calmness and simplicity.

I could go on listing soap after soap. It was one of the funnest weekends I have had in a long time.

While doing this post today I realized that my sewing life is slowly being taken over by my soaping life. I think my little blog is turning into a soaping blog. I do understand that not everyone is into soap and I may lose some lovely friends that visit here regularly, and for that I am feeling sorry. Maybe along the way I will pick up some new friends that enjoy looking at and making wonderful soap.

I finally finished my soaping day and sat down late on Sunday evening to wind down before heading off to bed. On the TV was the show "Last Restaurant Standing". In case some of you haven't seen this show it is about couples that compete each week against each other. The object being who ever is the winner gets to open their own restaurant. After the show ended hubby turned to me and said "What would you name your restaurant if you were the winner"? Two hours later I was still tossing and turning in bed trying to come up with a name can you believe!
Lizziejane just seemed to much like a diner to me. As hard as I tried I just couldn't come up with anything. So my question to you is "What would you name your restaurant if you were the winner"?

I hope it won't take you a long as it seems to be taking me!

Have a lovely Monday everyone.


driftwood said...

those faces are amazing xoxo

Anonymous said...

Your soap molds are marvellous !!!
Where did you put your sewing machine ? :))) Don't worry, i love your soaps as well, and each time i visit you, i'm always surprised by the color of your soaps and now these beautiful molds ! It must be wonderful to make soaps ! This is something i wish to make one day, i just need time, space, time, material, time... :))) They all look beautiful !!!
I'm afraid, i don't have any idea for a restaurant's name if i were the winner :) We have a good on in Paris called “La Tour d'Argent”


Sue said...

Those soaps are gorgeous. Can you make them right there in your kitchen? It seems like something I'd like to try, but I have no idea how to do it. Can you recommend a book or website that explains how in really simple terms?

Having dated a man who owned his own restaurant, I know I'd never want to.

annemarie said...

Who doesn't love sweet smelling soap>??? I love seeing all your "soapy" projects! A restaurant would not interest me in the least - now maybe a bakery. That sounds like alot more fun. A name - now that will cause me to lose sleep - have not the foggiest idea!

hetty said...

You're kidding right? The last thing on earth that I would like to do right now is open my own restaurant! But I love your soaps! I must admit, I miss seeing some of your fantastic sewing creations, but soap is good too! I didn't realize that there were molds like that. Is it hard to make soap? I think it is the one hobby that I have not tried yet.

Jenn Maruska said...

Oh - maybe you'll do a sewing project here and there? I've enjoyed seeing your sewn creations so much... you'll need a break from soap making sometimes, right? : )

I'd name my restaurant "Maddie's Patties". ; )

I too would like to read more about your soap making process, how you discover these lovely molds and how many soaps you make at a time.

periwinkle said...

Restaurant names hmmm , I think I;d do something with the first 2 letters of our names , like Ligamide or miga deli , does that make sense? Love your soaps , I don't think I could pick a fave either , maybe the green one , hard choice though. I don't mind what you are up to , friends can have more than one hobby :-)

Sheila said...

Great looking soaps. I agree with your husband. I love the simplicity too. Restaurant name I don't care what you call it I just want good food. How about GOOD FOOD.

Handmade in Israel said...

I do like your soap, but I have fond memories of your cute rabbits too. I love the look of the new dewy cactus flower soap, and the new moulds are truly amazing!
Just keep on blogging - missed you when you were away!

Linda Gilbert said...

Oh1 They look gorgeous-- I so want to try Soap Making!