Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lovely New Things

Some lovely scrumptious new things came in the mail this week. I fell in love with this tape as soon as I saw it. Isn't it just so sweet! Of course being a tea drinker I just had to have it!
The next two lovely things were these wonderful embroidery books. There are so many embroidery designs to chose from.
Here is a peek at the inside......and some more...
...and even more!
So I think this afternoon I will kick back on the couch, with a nice cup of tea of course, and drool over these new books.

Soap making is done for the day...
I made these two soaps yesterday and unmolded them this morning. This one is Champagne and Strawberries,
and this one is called Dewy Cactus Flower. Both should be ready in about three weeks or so.

Hubby is off tomorrow so that's all the blogging for me this week.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Sue said...

Don't you love to get new books to leaf thru? It makes my day to settle into a comfy chair with a cup of tea and some new books.

annemarie said...

Love your new books - embroidery is one of my favorite things to do! Have fun with your long weekend.

hetty said...

Ohhh! Love your new books.

jojo-caramel said...

Aaaaaah I am mad of your ribbons !!!!! Love them, love them, love them !!! and of the embroidery books also of course.
Champagne soaps :) How nice ! Does is really smell Champagne ?
Have a great weekend my friend !

Bethany Hissong said...

The books are so enchanting!! I love all the sweet embroidery! And your soaps!-- you are constantly amazing me with your creativity! I was just thinking about you yesterday as I was baking a lemon pound cake. I thought, "This is just the kind of cake that Kathy would love!"