Thursday, June 17, 2010


Lovely Ella and she is all mine! I have always loved Sweet Nellie's work and now I have one of her crocheted little ones. Sweet Ella arrived at the beginning of the week and I fell in love with her instantly. It is a good job the poor dear has a knitted scarf as it has been chilly ever since she arrived. So she sits on the wing backed chair in my bedroom and I get to see her every morning when I wake up... lucky me!
A couple of weeks ago I kitty sat for my neighbor while they took a short vacation. Just taking care of that wonderful kitty was payment enough. But today she came for tea and gave me this lovely little bag with three dish towels in. So how lucky am I again! Alex her kitty is a large very lovable Maine Coon whom I just adore. He is very gentle and very sweet, so it was such a pleasure to be his "mommy" for a week.
After cleaning the house this morning I decided that I had better mow the lawn before the next lot of rain came our way. I also had a quick lookee around the garden and spotted for the first time this year one of our little green frogs. I was delighted to see him. So upstairs I ran to grab the camera. I am wondering if our unseasonably cool, rainy weather is keeping them still hibernating. I don't blame them one bit for not wanting to venture out.

Well I am venturing out of here for this week.
See you next week!


jojo-caramel said...

I love Ella ❤ I wish you a very lovely weekend my friend!

annemarie said...

Ella is the cutest thing ever and I am enjoying all of Sweet Nellie's creations. Thanks for introducing us to such a creative gal. Hope you have a nice rainfree weekend!

twiggypeasticks said...

How cute !!!
Twiggy x

hetty said...

Cute Ella! And what a lovely gift for cat sitting! But I love that frog best of all. We don't have any of those here.

Sue said...

One evening last week I stepped into the back yard and with the aid of my new bionic eyes, I saw half a dozen little toads hopping around. Were they there all the time and I couldn't see them, or have they just returned for the summer?

periwinkle said...

Ella is so cute , sometimes I think crochet animals look better than knitted ones . Hope you had a lovely weekend