Monday, September 15, 2008

Gardening and a Birthday Party!

We were quite busy this weekend, I had my hair trimmed, instead of the usual six weeks I pushed it to seven, won't do that again as I battled with my hair all last week.

We worked in the garden quite a bit tidying up and pruning, the garden is already starting to go to sleep, the flower above is usually one of the last to bloom, it is actually a bulb and it is very sweet and pretty, I haven't the foggiest what the name of it is though.Then it was time to do the annual cleaning out of the nesting boxes.This one was crammed full of twigs, dried grass and lots of lovely white fluffy feathers, there was even a little broken white egg still inside, I am pretty sure it was lovely and cosy for the little baby birds.We even had a tiny little frog watching while we were cleaning out the box, I haven't seen to many of them lately.

Now I have saved the best for last, my neighbor Annette invited us to a lovely Birthday Party, it was for her dear mother Bea who turned 90 on Saturday.Here she is blowing out her candles on her cake.It was a delicious cake and a good time was had by all, I hope I look half as good and that my mind is half as sharp when I am 90! Wonder if I'll still be making mice and ellie's!

Well needless to say not much sewing was done this weekend, I hope you all had a lovely weekend like I did!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Bea !!! What a wonderful cake !
I'm sure that you will still make mice, pandas, ellie's and you will add a frog (a lovely little one, a ballerina...) :)

Esther said...

Sounds like you had a fun but busy weekend. i always wanted to know what the inside of a nesting box looks like!

onya said...

What a great B-day story!!! Happy Birthday Bea!!!!Lovely cake!!!Pretty red flower and its great to see the inside of your nest box. its so clean inside....i thought there would be bird droppings...LOL!! even birds have their priorities and keep the nest clean for the babies!!! Cutie frog!!! glad you have a nice busy weekend!!!

Dyan said...

The little nesting box is so sweet. What a wonderful gift to celebrate 90 birthdays and the yummy cake doesn't hurt either.

Bethany Hissong said...

That's so wonderful!! Happy Birthday to her! She will be one of those ladies on the Smucker's label during the Today Show!!! (Nathaniel loves those!). I think you just may make it to 100!! You enjoy life so much :) I love that red flower. I was thinking about you every time I saw beautiful flowers in California, wondering if you had similar ones in your garden!