Monday, October 20, 2008


My first project from my new book, Sew Pretty Christmas HomeStyle, are these cute little fabric apples. They were a breeze to make and I think they would look so wonderful hanging on the Christmas tree...only a gazillion more to go!

I have had quite a few comments on the photo's on my blog, some were taken by me but the majority were taken by my hubby, if you are interested in seeing more of his work you can check out his Flickr site. To answer the question about what camera he uses it is a Cannon 40D, which he tells me he is still learning to use.

I have been tagged by Esther who has a lovely blog called Hetty's happy days. Pop on over and take a look.

Here are the rules that I have to follow,

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.

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As I have passed along tags to just about everyone I know I think I will keep this one right here, however feel free to participate if you wish. Well here are my answers.

Lets see 7 facts about me that you don't already know...

I can't stand having sticky hands.
I would rather take baths than showers.
I love the smell of Tea Tree Oil, weird, huh?
I love dates...the kind you eat!
I like Boxing day better than Christmas day, I think only the Brit gals will understand that one.
I hate itchy sweaters, especially turtlenecks!
Don't like lukewarm tea, it has to be hot, hot, hot!

So there you have it some more weird stuff about yours truly!

Have a lovely day everybody.


Esther said...

Love the cute little apples - they will look great on the tree at Christmas time. I have to agree with the hot tea thing - I hate it when its gone cold! We also have big get togethers on Boxing day although not everyone I know does. We always have double at Christmas - we are at mine on Christmas day and Mum's boxing day. I love tea tree too - and anything minty! I am a total addict!

wonderwoman said...

love the decorations they are great! am with you on most of your points - i much prefer boxing day to christmas day - much less stress and a lot more fun!! i hate having a shower, makes me very grumpy if i can't have a bath - just ask my family!!!


driftwood said...

love the apples, I've been wondering about buying that book, I have some of her others. and I love Boxing day too - I missed it the two years we lived in Boston, now we have a tradition that the children can stay in their pj's all day if they want, and just bumble around with all their new toys.

StitchinByTheLake said...

The apples are wonderful - what a great idea for a Christmas tree. I'd love to have some to put in a bowl on my table. I know you said they weren't hard to make but I just can't picture it! blessings, marlene

Anonymous said...

Beautiful apples ! They are perfect !
They will be wonderful on your Christmas tree ! Have a nice day :)

LOUISE said...

I took a cup of tea out in the garden today and forgot about it, when I remembered, it was stone cold. I much prefer my tea piping hot like you do. I also prefer a hot bath to a shower, and agree with nearly everything you say, I quite like the smell of tea-tree too. One thing I have to disagree on though, and that is loving dates, I loathe them! x

Bettina said...

Kathy,lovely,apples so wonderful!Iwant to see your christmas tree!Ilove christmas time!!!Thanks for look my blog!:)

Terri Fisher said...

The apples are so festive and cute! They will look wonderful on a Christmas tree. Are you planning on adding some of your new homemade items to your Etsy shop?

annemarie said...

Darling apple ornaments - love them. I had to look up boxing day - never heard of it - so you celebrate two days in a row??? I am a bath lover also - hate showers. I look at the bathtub as a reward after a long day - weird I know!

Jenny said...

Your apples look delicious! I loved to read your answers to the tag! I have to have tea hot too.....why would you bother drinking manky cold tea? uuuurgh! I hate sticky fingers and love to bath...but there was no mention of chocolate addictions Kathy! LOL! Jen

Dyan said...

Aww, I love your apples. I've been meaning to get that book myself too after purchasing Sew Pretty Springtime Gifts.

Shebrews said...

you picked really pretty fabric for your apples, too. I think they did the pattern good!!
I will have to look at that book myself.

Country Cottage Chic said...

The apples are lovely - they'd look super piled up in a bowl as a Christmas centrepiece.

Bethany Hissong said...

It is funny that I'm crocheting an apple right now (you'll see why soon!) and here you already have made some! I know what Boxing Day is but I just don't understand it. I hate sticky hands too... that is probably why I'm not an art teacher full time anymore!!! (don't tell anyone!)

nathalie said...

yeahh you little vampire. i see your twilight apples.