Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shopping and a walk

I had a lovely leisurely week while hubby was off. We visited our daughter who just happens to work not to far away from this wonderful quilting shop called The Quilting Loft. How can you resist not buying some beautiful fabric while you are there. Of course I didn't..,.resist that is. I could have bought half the shop but I didn't. I was a pretty good girl I must say. As well as fabric they had numerous patterns and great quilting books. I was lucky to have been able to meet a wonderful lady that runs the quilt shop and also has her own published quilting book. How gracious she was to let me take a photo of her with her wonderful book. Thank you Laurie, it was so nice meeting you. We also took time out for a walk in the woods. The leaves are just starting to turn and fall here. It was a lovely walk listening to the wind rustle the leaves and watching a few of them swirl down to the ground. An unexpected surprise was seeing the otters again that we have photographed in the past. They were quite far off but you can just make out their little heads bobbing up in the distance.

Shopping and taking a walk, I highly recommend both as wonderful fall activities!
Have a great Wednesday!


Terri Fisher said...

What fun! I love fall, too!

Sue said...

Two of my favorite ways to spend time, walks in the woods and going thru a fabric store. Sounds wonderful.

jojo-caramel said...

Good Lord ! What a shop ! I'm trying to have a look at all the wonderful fabrics :))) It's wonderful ! if i were there, i would see them all (we don't have quilt shop as much well-stocked as this one) It's a dream ! Anyway, unfortunately i don't know how to quilt yet, I have a few beautiful books, but i have never tried. I hope to start one day :)
I adore to spend my free time in the woods :) I hope you are having a great day :) xo

annemarie said...

Sounds like a dream week - I am glad you had fun. I am anxious to see what you do with the fabric!

driftwood said...

what a great store xx