Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Changing of the Pillows!

Every year when the weather seems to get warmer, and I think Spring is well on it's way, I change some of the pillows in our house.
This felt pillow that I made a few years back from a lovely pattern, always goes on the wicker chair.
This year for some reason, it got me thinking about growing up in England, my mother would not only change the pillow covers, she would also change the curtains. Away would go the heavy dark ones, and out would come the lighter flowery ones.
I always hated it when the heavy dark ones were brought out, as I new that meant shorter days and less play time outside.
When the lighter flowery ones came out in Spring, that was a different story, I new that meant the weather would be getting warmer soon, and there would be more play time outside.
It also meant more trips to the seaside and more picnic's.

I so loved those flowery curtains!

A little tease about tomorrow's blog topic, Buckingham Palace and my little sister.
Have a lovely day!


Bethany Hissong said...

I have been thinking about curtains a lot lately as I want to sew some for our home... I always think about how heavy a fabric to use. We just don't change out curtains like they used to! I love light white curtains flowing in the breeze! Your pillow is really cute too! I can't wait for your post tomorrow!!! I saw that you found Di at Woolie Wanderings and that you both are from Scotland! I love the internet... it makes the world seem a little bit smaller and way more connected!

annemarie said...

Your pillow is precious - love it.

Gigibird said...

The cushion is lovely:)

Many years ago I used to change my curtain in the summer....I have blinds now:)