Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Little green frogs

I have in the past posted a photo of these little green frogs that live in our garden, but today's photo is, in my opinion, just beautiful.

My husband managed to capture this little frog before he hopped away to do froggy things.

When we first moved into our house they were everywhere in the garden, so many in fact that you had to be careful where you walked.

Whenever my husband would mow the lawn, I would walk in front of the lawn mower shooing them out of the way.

I'm pretty sure that my neighbors thought I was a little crazy, some probably still do. Ask me if I care....not in the slightest!


Alison Boon said...

Did you ask if he seen your blog? I bet he would have said "read it"
Stunning photo.

nathalie said...

you have the most awesome garden ever full of creatures! no wonder you are always so inspired! the mice arrived and will be heading to their new homes soon. they are perfecto!

Bethany Hissong said...

Frogs and toads are so good for gardens! This is a great photo!