Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Well the housework got done, and the house is spotless from top to bottom. I can now sew til my hearts content, but wouldn't you know it, I'm not in the mood!
Oh well, maybe I will be later.

The photo today is of a little book that my daughter bought me a while ago, it was one of those out of the blue gifts, the ones I love to receive.

It is such a lovely little book, it is about things that a mom gives to her children. Not monetary things, but things that you show, teach and share.

I remember talking to my daughter quite a while ago when she told me that although she may not remember all the things that she received for Christmas or Birthdays, she remembers fondly all the picnic's and trips to the beach, all the fun stuff that we did together as a family.

One of the fondest memories that we have was living in Germany, it involved Lego building with her Dad. Every Sunday afternoon, especially if the weather was cold and snowy, they would be on the floor of our living room building Lego villages.

The Lego was my husbands when he was a boy, and was added to over the years.

Before it was time for bed I was given strict instructions not "disturb" the Lego village in any way.

So for the next few days I managed to vacuum around it without disturbing one single block.

Usually by Thursday we all got fed up tiptoeing around it, and it was taken apart only to begin the whole process again on the following Sunday.

I was thrilled when she told me that those things that didn't cost money meant the most to her.....I think we did OK.


annemarie said...

You are bringing back fond memories for me. My son was a big lego fan and I remember being told the same thing - do not disturb my project!! Did you ever step on one barefooted - ouch - or put on a shoe only to find a lego inside! His little boy now plays with this legos and his lincoln logs (the original wooden ones). They have added on to the collections as well. Kyle is only five but a lego whiz. Memories are so special and something you can keep forever!

Bethany Hissong said...

We are still vacuuming around the Legos! Thanks for reminding me that it's more important to play with the kids, than buying them more stuff! When I thought back to my childhood, it was the time spent with my parents that I remembered most too... that and drawing all the time! And reading! I guess I haven't changed much ;)

eydie said...

Becky Kelly is one of my favorite all time artists. I have lots of her publications!!!!
Legos are the only toys I kept, except the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. You are never too old for Legos, it seems.