Friday, May 16, 2008

The little Devil in me!

The little practical joke devil in me came out today, it's been a while so I was wondering when it would happen again.

My brother-in-law owns "The Key Antiques" in Lakewood Washington, (sorry that's a shameless plug).
We are both practical jokers, well today he was on the receiving end.

I found some photo's of him when he was quite young and I made copies of them.

You all know the kind of photo's, the ones where at the time you thought you were so cool, but in actual fact you were quite geeky.

I enlisted my lovely husband in my dastardly plan, his job was to distract him while I posted all those geeky photo's (8x12 size) on the walls of his store, amongst all the lovely antiques.

I even stuck one to the wall in the bathroom, right above the toilet, I was certain he would find that one.

My cell phone started ringing before I made it home.

Like the little devil I am, I pretended my phone was cutting out and I couldn't hear him.

My husband says I am quite skilled in pretend phone cutting out.

My was that fun, I am pretty sure he is still looking, I wonder If he will find them all, or maybe a customer might spot one.

Yes that was very good fun!

I wonder in what form his revenge will be!

Have a good weekend everybody.


Rachael Rabbit said...

How naughty you are! I love antique shops ;-)

Bethany Hissong said...

You are so funny!!! I'll have to try that sometime! ;)