Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not feeling creative!

For some reason I'm just not feeling very creative these last few days.
I'm sure it's something that we all go through, but I wish I would hurry up and get over it, I have a whole bunch of new felt calling my name!

I did manage to get this little felt dress cut out and partially sewn, not sure who it is for yet, hopefully I will soon.

Took some time off yesterday and went walking at a nature preserve near our home, it was very windy and pretty cool, but so much fun.

We spotted this little dragon fly soaking in the sun, he was very co-operative and let my husband take his picture for the longest time until he got that one shot that was perfect.

We also spotted this large heron fishing, he sure caught a lot of fish, we stood and watched him for about fifteen minutes or so, and he was catching them constantly.

Well tomorrow we are off to Mount Rainer National Park, it is such a beautiful place with lots of opportunities for some wonderful photography.

We will be well prepared for snow as they have many feet of it still on the ground.

I probally won't get a chance to post tomorrow, so I want to wish everyone a lovely and safe Memorial Day weekend, hope you all have lovely weather and fun in whatever you may be up to.


annemarie said...

What beautiful pictures and snow - how exciting - am afraid we never see that in Texas. Hope you have an enjoyable Memorial weekend!! After some rest and relaxation I bet the creative juices will again flow.

Bethany Hissong said...

I love the blue on the dragonfly! And yes, we all have those days... don't be hard on yourself!!! You need a break once in a while! Have a wonderful weekend!!

julie said...

It is a bit unsettling when creativity goes out the window - hope you get back into the groove soon! I love the wildlife pictures especially the heron. Enjoy the national park and your memorial day weekend.

nathalie said...

i'm sure a some time outside will inspire you one again! ohh dragonflies. i love them! enjoy a creative break. i need one...reallly bad.

Alison Boon said...

I love the pictures. There are days when it's time to take time out from craft. The blue dress is so sweet.

Lisa said...

Thats what I needed to do! Enjoy some natural beauty. That always helps get me out of a creative funk. Nature can be so inspiring.