Friday, June 20, 2008

Busy Day!

The last of the preparations for our big garage sale are well underway. Things seem to be falling into place quite nicely.

A family member who just happens to be a licensed massage therapist, is going to come by and will be doing mini massages, with all proceeds going to the animal rescue sanctuary.

The weather looks like it just might co-operate and be nice, so we are hoping for a very profitable day.

Thank you everyone who gave me good wishes about my "wacky" neck, Bella fixed me....Oops I mean Dr Gerry fixed me up just fine!

The photo is of the front of my home, I am still waiting for my geranium's to fully bloom, after having lived in Germany for so many years, and admiring all their lovely geraniums I always plant some every year in my boxes on my front porch,and below my window.

I hope what ever you are doing this weekend you will all have a good one!


Terri Fisher said...

Good luck with your sale! Can't wait to hear how you make out!

onya said...

Have a super sale....your house is just gorgeous!!!! glad your dr. was able to fix you right up!!! and what a great doggie friend you that's therapy!!! ;)

jojo-caramel said...

What a lovely House you have Kathy !
It will be gorgeous with geraniums !!
Ps - Whereabout in Germany ?
I wish you a good sale !
Have a nice day !

annemarie said...

Oh Kathy - your home is beautiful and same for the yard - so green. Your home reminds me of homes in Minnesota. In Texas, homes are brick with just a little wood. Brick withstands the hurricane winds, termites and humid weather better than wood. Hope you have a great sale and fun weekend.

periwinkle said...

glad your neck is better, thats a gorgeous house, it looks huge . good luck with your sale
lisa x

Barbara Brown said...

your house is beautiful. good luck with your garage sale.

Bethany Hissong said...

Hi Kathy!!! I missed you! We were just talking about getting red geraniums for my window box and here you did exactly that! I hope you had a good sale!