Monday, June 16, 2008

Garage Sale!

Every year our little town has a garage sale, it really is a fun event.

The whole town opens up their garages and puts out all their junk for sale!

For us it is so much fun as family members join us for the sale, this year we will be grilling hot dogs and selling them, all the money earned will go to It's Meow or Never Animal Sanctuary, my favorite animal rescue.

We turn the whole day into a big eating party, we get to see neighbors that we haven't seen for a while, and catch up on all the gossip!

So this week 'Ellie making' has been put on the back burner as we sort out and price all our "treasures" for the sale.

We are also on weather watch all week, hoping and praying for good weather.
There is nothing worse than grilling or having a garage sale in the rain.

Before I forget the lovely Rachel over at RachelRabbit is having a cupcake and tea swap, pop on over and get all the info on how to particapate, it should be a lot of fun.

Well still no Debbie, so it does indeed look like there will be another drawing, it will be on Wednesday the 18th of June.

Enjoy the day!


jojo-caramel said...

I wish you a good sale and a good weather ! I would love to eat one of your hot dogs !!!

Have a lovely day ! :)

Rachael Rabbit said...

That sounds like such a fun community event as well as getting to see what bits and bobs your neighbors have had in their attic for too long ;-) Thanks for the mention - we nearly have 30 people in the cupcake swap!

periwinkle said...

Glad you liked the knickers;-) Poor Debbie, maybe she's on holiday but I don't suppose you can hold on forever! That kind of sale is an excellent idea, hope you have a good one
Lisa x

annemarie said...

Oh, garage sales are such fun - you never know what treasures you will come upon. Serving food is a great idea - hope all goes well.

frazzy dazzles said...

How much would I love to live in your town???? A whole town garage sale....I am checking my passport expiry date when I am finished here!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

A town garage sale sounds like heaps of fun! Hope you raise loads of money for such a worthwhile cause. Your roses look amazing.

Onya said...

What a fun yard sale and a great way for the community to get together!!! i can't even imagine your weather....hope it cooperates....ours will be 102 today....Blah....Hot!!! Enjoy!!! Lovely idea to donate toyour shelter too!!!

Dawn Alice Rogers said...

What a wonderful idea to donate the earnings. Truly making money from nothing!